The 5 pillars of cloud communications security.

Read our eGuide on how Webex Connect powers secure cloud communications and provides safeguards against an increasingly complex security landscape.
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Cloud communications and the battle for customer trust

There are opportunities for fraudsters to steal data and take over accounts as Cloud Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) applications and APIs become increasingly intertwined with mission-critical processes and systems. Facing scam tactics such as SMS smishing and APP fraud, you must consider how your organization will both integrate CPaaS technology into its tech stack and use the latest capabilities to combat fraud. The stakes are high because customer trust is hard won but easily lost.

Download this eGuide to learn about:

  • How cloud communications are playing a vital role in the battle for customer trust and how CPaaS provider’s security model influences the buying decision.

  • How Webex Connect equips your organization with a secure platform that provides capabilities to combat an increasingly complex communications security landscape.

  • How our products and relationships are shaped by Cisco’s secure by default vision and how we build relationships based on trust, transparency and accountability.

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