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Explore how oneSource enhanced customer engagement, trust, and payment rates using Webex Connect.

oneSource Debt Resolution Service is dedicated to providing ethical debt resolution services for the public sector in the UK. The company was facing limited visibility into customer behaviors and preferences, and they aimed to enhance customer trust in an era dominated by fraud and scams.

Find out how with Webex Connect, they were able to implement Rich Communication Services (RCS), boosting read rates to 92%, up from 59% in 2022.

Conversational experiences that drive results.


How personalized digital messaging led to a 30-point NPS score increase.

Cambridge Hospitals NHS Trust

How conversational reminders reduced missed appointment rates by 27%.

Southwark Council

Discover why 90% of Southwark Council customers felt more reassured and better served than before.

Domestic & General

Discover how a leading insurance provider elevated their customer experience, and streamlined their claims and repairs processes with Webex Connect and Webex Engage.

HM Revenue and Customs.

Discover how HMRC achieved faster time to market and increased agility by optimizing their communications using Webex Campaign.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority. Their vital purpose is to collect money that pays for the UK’s public services and help families and individuals with targeted financial support.

They had different SMS and email providers, causing difficulties in their operations. HMRC invested in Webex Campaign, a centralized platform specifically designed for delivering large-scale communication campaigns across multiple digital channels.

Webex Campaign has simplified our processes through the management of email and mobile messaging communications, through a single platform, across different services and teams ”

Hinesh Patel, Service Owner, HMRC

Digital transformation of customer interactions.


See how Centrica was able to lower operational costs and improve their customer CX with Webex connect.

Cisco Store

Cisco Store were able to offer 24/7 service support through an omnichannel chatbot.


Adopting a multi-channel approach gave SMARTY a 500% uplift in campaign engagement.

Customer stories.

We are pleased to work with imimobile, a partner with proven experience and track record in the financial services sector and look forward to delivering greater personalization for our clients.

Francois Viviers
Executive Marketing & Communications

We are pleased to be the first energy provider in the UK to launch Apple Business Chat. Reaching our customers via innovative conversational channels is key to differentiate our customer strategy.

Jon Drinkwater
Head of Digital and Data

imimobile was a natural fit because of its expertise in providing cloud communications software to public sector companies, enabling us to communicate and engage with our customers across the defence estate.

Stuart Jones
Services and Communications Director

This [COVID-19] crisis has demonstrated that, with the right software, teams are now able to all work from home with ease and we will embrace remote working a lot more in the future.

Angela Waterhouse
Contact Centre Business Analyst

We believe that RCS messaging has the potential to take our mobile customer communications to the next level, both in terms of providing a more visual experience and a greater understanding of how customers are interacting with our promotions.

Catorina Woodward
Head of Digital

imimobile is helping us to close the communications gap created by the COVID-19 crisis. The team at imimobile was able to implement the solution and has been a great partner in these uncertain times.

Mike Easley