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Why Webex CPaaS Solutions?

Automate interactions

Use a mix of AI chatbots and self-service channels to reduce agent workload. Automate post-contact actions for faster results.

Reduce cost to serve

Lead with cost-efficient digital and mobile messaging channels to manage customer service interactions.

Boost customer satisfaction

Improve customer service with quick resolution, channel choice, and conversational self-service.

Who we work with.

Put customer preferences first

Innovate with new channels

Embrace new digital messaging channels like WhatsApp BusinessRCS, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Messages for Business for customer service.

Proactive customer engagement

Keep customers informed by proactively contacting them via voice or messaging channels. Use two-way messaging to let customers respond, submit details, or organize a time for an agent to call.

Create end-to-end experiences

From delivery updates to refunds, orchestrate customer journeys that use data from across the business to create contextual customer service experiences.

Manage routine enquiries with ease

Enable customers to self-serve

Create an AI chatbot frontline to the contact center that provides 24/7 assistance, quick answers to FAQs, and a knowledge base to customers.

Intelligently route customer enquiries

Direct calls and messages to agents with the right skills by using customer information, business data, or an IVR option selection.

Deflect to messaging channels

Build an IVR journey that lets customers seamlessly transfer to a messaging channel where they can self-serve and chat with agents at their convenience.


IT buyer’s guide for CPaaS.

CPaaS is one of the most exciting opportunities in the cloud communications space. A growing number of enterprises are using APIs, SDKs, and low-code tools within CPaaS solutions to design communications-enabled applications that enhance digital competitiveness. Discover the key features and functionality that you need to look for in an Enterprise CPaaS solution.

Empower customer service agents.

Create a unified agent application

Bring all the communication channels, tools and data your agents need to serve customers into one place with Webex Engage.

Gain insight to improve performance

Give team leaders visibility into agent performance via real-time dashboards that provide the basis for future training requirements.

Enable secure remote working

Allow agents, team leaders, and managers to work from home with ease with a secure cloud application to manage all customer service channels.

imimobile’s solution for IVR call deflection to SMS has been a game-changer for our contact center and it’s pleasing to hear positive feedback from our customers and agents who are using the service. ”

Gemma Crask, Product Owner – Live Chat, Messaging & Social media, British Gas

Call deflection: tactics for success.

Discover how businesses can deflect to messaging channels and use proactive communications to reduce call volume and increase customer satisfaction. Use our ROI Calculator to see how much your contact center could save in costs and agents hours through the same call deflection tactics discussed in the white paper.

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