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Consumers receive trillions of messages via SMS every year. But it can be difficult for them to trust and verify SMS they recieve, as sender numbers are often random and offer no business verification. 
Branded Text adds a level of verified SMS and branding to business SMS messaging, so customers know exactly who’s contacting them. Interactions are richer with read receipts and rich links to improve the messaging experience. Make your messages instantly recognizable and authentic to boost customer engagement with Branded Text - no technical changes required! 

Branded Text

With sender ID and branding, customers can trust that the message is genuine. Additional rich media capabilities help to create more visual communications that drive response rates.

Regular SMS

With no branding or sender ID, customers cannot completely trust that the message is genuine. This negatively impacts response rates and can lead to an increase in fraud.

Use cases.


Reduce fraud by letting customers know that any message that isn’t sent from a verified account should not be engaged with.


Deliver updates that customers can trust. Provide links that take customers to places where they can manage deliveries with confidence.


Raise brand awareness and drive engagement with a branded channel for interacting with promotions, rewards, and updates.

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