Webex Campaign

Personalized marketing made easy.

Create and automate multichannel campaigns that drive customer acquisition and loyalty.

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Empower marketers to plan and execute campaigns.

  • Deliver campaigns across channels

  • Measure, optimize, and evolve at pace

  • Close the loop with automated fulfillment

  • Personalize and engage at scale

  • Create and manage customer profiles

  • Integrate across the marketing technology stack

Tailor customer experiences to drive marketing success.

Any channel, one application

Deliver marketing campaigns over SMS, MMS, email, app push, social media, voice, API, file, and offline channels. Maximize campaign performance using multi-variate testing, A/B testing, and real-time feedback.

Data-driven marketing at scale

Create and manage unified customer profiles using data from disparate online and offline sources. Use dynamic personalization to adapt to changing customer behavior. Deliver tailored propositions with ease.

Any trigger, the right journey

Easily configure and scale interactive, event-triggered, or one-off campaigns that prompt and guide customers throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle to drive lifetime value.

Visualize, create, accelerate

Empower your marketers with DIY drag-and-drop composers and journey builders. Test, learn, and iterate rapidly without relying on external agencies to support.

Make data-driven decisions

Measure key marketing metrics with real-time dashboards and pre-configured reports. Create and share custom reports using our Reports Wizard. Easily create and analyze segments and turn data insights into ready to use audiences.

Integrate with any system

Webex Campaign integrates easily with legacy and modern applications across the marketing technology stack. Integrate data warehouses, APIs, single sign-on systems, social media platforms, and more.


Webex Campaign.

Download our product sheet for more feature and use case details to learn how Webex Campaign optimizes marketing campaign performance across multiple channels.

Key features.

  • Campaign manager

    Orchestrate campaigns, review performance, and manage strategy from a single feature-rich hub.

  • Offer fulfillment engine

    Automate the fulfillment of offers. Provision and activate products, plans, or packages.

  • Drag and drop composers

    Create, test, and deploy responsive, on-brand communications without writing any code.

  • Profile manager

    Combine data from different systems, devices, and channels to create a single view of customers.

  • Audience segment builder

    Segment your customer base using numerous filters, without the need to know SQL.

  • Recommendation engine

    Present relevant and timely “next-best’ offers across multiple customer touch points.

O2 campaign management.

See how O2 uses Webex Campaign to effectively engage their customers and serve today's digital-first consumers.

Maximize campaign performance with Webex Campaign.

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