APIs and SDKs

Gateway for better interactions.

Use our extensive range of communication APIs and SDKs to build applications that improve end-to-end customer journeys and operational efficiency.

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Powerful APIs for transforming customer experiences.

Deliver richer interactions through new channels

With our communication APIs and SDKs, it's quick and easy to add new channels to existing applications with minimal changes to your backend systems. From SMS, RCS and WhatsApp Business to push notifications, choose the channels your business needs to get started and add more as it grows.

Scale up and keep consumer trust

Automatically scale-up and down based on actual traffic without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure. Customer data is protected with robust encryption and ISO 27001 certified procedures.

Integrate enterprise business systems

Great communications are more than just sending a message. We provide the APIs you need to integrate business and partner systems to automate journeys end-to-end. Speed up time-to-market by leveraging pre-built integrations for Salesforce, Zendesk, NICE InContact, Cisco Finesse, and other systems, or quickly configure customer integrations with any REST or SOAP APIs.

16+ communications channels available on Webex Connect.

  • Apple Messages for Business

  • Google's Business Messages

  • Email

  • In-app Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Messenger

  • Push Notifications

  • RCS Business Messaging

  • WhatsApp

  • Voice / Verified Calls

  • Video

  • Twitter Direct Messages

  • Facebook

  • MMS

  • Wallet

  • Instagram


Webex Connect developer sandbox.

The Webex Connect developer sandbox is a pre-configured environment in which you can prototype applications with channels such as SMS, voice, and WhatsApp. It is designed to allow enterprise developers and IT leaders to trial the APIs, SDKs, and advanced CPaaS capabilities of Webex Connect.

Choose how you want to build.

Code applications for complete flexibility

Our APIs and SDKs can be leveraged to easily embed communications into your existing applications. Get up and running in no time by taking advantage of our sample code, documentation, and quick start guides available in our developer hub.

Take a low-code approach to development

Design, create, and launch customer journeys faster than ever before with  Webex Connect's visual builder.

Why use our APIs.

  • Channel capabilities

    From RCS to SMS, we keep up with the latest capabilities so you don’t have to.

  • Compliance

    We take care of unsubscribes and STOP messages to avoid additional costs for handling opt-outs.

  • Webhooks access

    Receive sent, delivered, read, and failure receipts. Forward incoming messages to your server.

  • Message broadcast

    Segment and send personalized notifications to customers using a single API request.

  • Message routing

    Send messages based on customer preferences. Fallback to a different channel if a message isn’t delivered.

  • Reporting and data

    Track messaging performance and export raw data through a host of reporting capabilities.

  • Dedicated support

    If you get stuck and need help, contact our support team through the Webex Connect platform.

Get started today.

Start prototyping the journeys you want to build in our Webex Connect enterprise developer sandbox for free