Employee communications

Every interaction puts people first.

Engage employees and streamline processes by leveraging digital channels and real-time automation.

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Increase efficiency

Turn complex internal processes into data-driven journeys that help to engage, guide, and manage employees.

Build culture

Personalize corporate communications and announcements to help create a culture that values every employee.

Retain employees

Help employees manage their day-to-day activities to create a more engaged workforce that stays with your business.

Digitally transform the employee experience.

Stay connected with employees

Embrace new digital channels

Send corporate and operational communications through the messaging channels that employees use every day, such as WhatsApp and SMS.

Streamline internal processes

Enable employees to submit information for background checks, emergency contacts, financial set-up, and more through conversational messaging channels.

Use rich messaging

Send videos about company culture and training. Share onboarding documents and photos. Create more interactive experiences using buttons and carousels.

Create time for the tasks that matter

Enable employees to self-serve

Create a virtual assistant that acts as a permanent resource for employees to answer FAQs, process requests, and provide information.

Manage everyday activities with ease

With integrations into HR and other company systems, two-way messaging can streamline the tasks that take up the workday. Manage holiday, submit expenses, and report technical failures.

Resolve problems quicker

Check on employee well-being, gather feedback, and sign off that employees have everything they need. Any issues can trigger an alert to a team that can help.

Optimize field worker efficiency

Send notifications at scale

Sync Field Service Management and CRM systems to deliver job alerts across multiple channels to specific employees and departments.

Broadcast disruption alerts

When disruption occurs, respond quickly by broadcasting alerts to employees to fill shifts, fix technical failures, and address emergency customer requests.

Optimize operations

Create automated processes that use real-time customer and field force data to optimize and streamline maintenance operations.

IT buyer’s guide for CPaaS.

CPaaS is one of the most exciting opportunities in the cloud communications space. A growing number of enterprises are using APIs, SDKs, and low-code tools within CPaaS solutions to design communications-enabled applications that enhance digital competitiveness. Discover the key features and functionality that you need to look for in an Enterprise CPaaS solution.

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