Webex Notify

Keep your customers informed.

Reduce call volumes and improve customer experience by sending timely and relevant notifications to your customers.

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  • Trigger notifications from a simple UI

  • Improve service and drive customer satisfaction

  • Securely deliver information via messaging

  • Reduce costs and improve operational efficiency​

  • Comply with changing regulations

  • Keep control of your outbound communications

Secure alerts and notifications across multiple channels.

Simplify outbound communications

Designed for large-scale enterprises with unique security and communication requirements, Webex Notify manages notifications across SMS, email, and voice with multiple templates, large contact lists, de-duping, and bulk sends across channels.

Stay on brand at all times

Eliminate the risk and variability of free messaging practices by controlling the type of messages sent on behalf of the organization. Use pre-defined notification templates across channels and prioritize which communications go first.

Have central control

Role-based access control

Control what users can do and access by configuring system-level permissions and assigning privileges to authorized users.

Control communication costs

Label notifications against a specific cost center and apply cost center level quotas to centrally control usage across the organization.

Scalable and secure


Designed for large-scale transaction volumes with support to 1500+ TPS and large file sizes with more than 10 million rows. Supports 15,000+ active users, 10,000+ templates, 100,000+ address book entries.

Multiple hosting options

Cloud-hosted, shared, and dedicated platform options available to meet diverse security requirements. SSO supported out of the box with secure connectivity options to match the organization.

Multiple access and trigger points

  • Web portal for business users

  • SMPP for high throughput

  • Supports file transfer through sFTP and Connect:Direct

  • Bulk contact upload through UI and sFTP

Key features.

  • Secure

    Highly secure hosting for all messaging requirements to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Proactive

    Send timely, relevant proactive notifications to customers based on business data and system events.

  • Controlled

    Control what departments, teams, and individuals have access and provide specific permissions.

  • Automated

    Configure rules to prioritize messages based on channel, contact, and other business requirements.

  • Centralized

    Centrally manage all communications with visibility and control across all touchpoints.

  • Improve

    Comprehensive message logs generate business intelligence to enable continuous improvement.

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