7 steps to build a business case for CPaaS.

The global CPaaS market is expected to grow by 62 billion dollars by 2029. To rally stakeholder support, you’ll need a compelling business case. We share seven steps to accelerate and secure internal investment.

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95% of global businesses are expected to use CPaaS solutions by 2025.

The CPaaS market is moving from strength to strength by offering a single platform to manage all customer interactions. While this list of benefits of a CPaaS platform is compelling, it likely won’t be enough to convince executive teams, IT leaders, and others in your business. You’ll need a watertight business case that lays out the benefits for every stakeholder. But how do you get started with building a business case for your organization?

Follow these steps to help get you started:

Step 1: Identify your stakeholders and decision-makers

Step 2: Analyze your current systems to find inefficiencies

Step 3: Determine how CPaaS can solve key business challenges

Step 4: Complete a supplier comparison

Step 5: Calculate ROI

Step 6: Establish a full onboarding and training plan

Step 7: Consolidate everything in an executive summary

Kickstart your connected communications strategy.

As the world shifts to digital-first, businesses must adapt to meet rising customer and employee expectations for seamless, connected experiences. To get this right and earn lasting trust and repeat business, you need to modernize your communications strategy to enable fast, convenient, and personalized interactions across all channels. That’s why many enterprises are using Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solutions as a quick, comprehensive way to deliver a modern communications strategy that keeps employees and customers satisfied.

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  • Uncover best practices that will help you earn the trust, support, and financial backing you need to accelerate vendor onboarding.

  • Calculate ROI so you can approach your stakeholders with confidence.

  • Learn how organizations like yours used CPaaS to improve customer engagement, reduce operational costs, and drive growth.

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