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Deliver a seamless digital insurance experience centered around conversational messaging and intelligent automation.

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Popular solutions.

  • Messaging-based customer acquisition

  • Payment collection journeys

  • Digital quotes, sign up, and renewal

  • Customer service automation

  • Real-time video

  • End-to-end customer journey orchestration

Automated claims management

Automate your claims journey and offer self-service support to your customers to help reduce inbound call volumes and improve customer satisfaction. Watch this video that shows a customer receiving a proactive notification to submit a claim or chat to an agent due to severe weather through Webex Connect.

Who we work with.

Transform how you engage and deliver services to customers.

Welcome and retain customers with ease

Meet customers on the right channel

Reach out to your potential customers on the conversational messaging channels they prefer. Use rich media channels such as WhatsApp or RCS to send them quotes. Enable them to sign up or get information instantly.

Accelerate acquisition and onboarding

Simplify onboarding processes with intelligent automation to gather customer information and activate their policies without the need for lengthy forms or paperwork.

Up-sell or cross-sell effectively

Leverage customer data to offer personalized or increased coverage. Cross-sell and up-sell relevant policies to improve customer retention.

Empower your customers in need

Provide support instantly

Manage claims requests effectively through intelligent customer contact management. Allow customers to seamlessly switch from a voice call to a conversational messaging channel for quicker case resolution without having to wait on hold in long queues.

Keep customers informed at all times

Communicate claims’ status to your customers proactively and drastically reduce the need for inbound inquiries with prompt updates and notifications.

Stay connected throughout the process

Personalize every interaction

Send personalized renewal offers. Integrate with existing CRM and policy quote and processing systems to offer customized coverage policies. Create contextual, connected customer experiences from start-to-finish.

Enhance customer service with blended AI

Make end-of-life renewal cycles smooth with self-service. Send renewal reminders with the option to renew with a click. Address initial renewal inquiries with automated chat blended with human engagement at the right moment.

Build trust both ways

Authorize information exchange

Ensure thorough verification of customer data to make any amends to policies. Safeguard customer data with two-factor authentication using messaging channels and voice calls to authorize transactions.

Avert fraud with authenticity

Establish trust in your customers by contacting them through authorized channels using Verified Calls or SMS. Allow customers to report fraudulent transactions instantly with authenticated live chat.


IT buyer’s guide for CPaaS.

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Why Webex CPaaS Solutions?


Manage communications across all touchpoints centrally. Retain context and provide seamless assistance to customers.


Safeguard customer interactions with robust verification and authentication processes using digital messaging channels.


Integrate with CRM systems and third-party APIs seamlessly to personalize customer acquisition and renewal journeys.

The imimobile solution allows us to make timely and targeted interventions across the customer lifecycle, often in real-time following an initial customer inquiry. ”

A leading British multinational insurance company

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