It’s time to solve the customer experience trilemma.

How ease of resolution, rapport, and relevant communications can transform customer loyalty—and your bottom line. Learn how to solve the customer experience trilemma.

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If you want to succeed, every customer experience must include three elements:
  1. Resolution: how quickly and conveniently can a customer solve issues and get the information they need about your products and services?

  2. Rapport: do your customers feel like they can connect with you in a meaningful way?

  3. Relevance: can you deliver the right experience to the right customer at exactly the right time?

We spoke to over 2,000 consumers to understand what’s most important to them in their experiences with different brands. We discovered that 75% of consumers see good customer experience as a reason to be a repeat customer with a business—making it just as important a factor as price (76%). 

With this report learn how to tackle all three so you can deliver a foolproof customer experience.

The rise of digital channels helps solve the CX trilemma.

Businesses can't ignore this shift in consumer demand, and CX transformation initiatives need to become a boardroom-level discussion.  Businesses need to act now by embracing the three areas of the CX trilemma - Resolution, Rapport, and Relevance. 

Our research reviewed how customers feel about the way businesses interact with them – looking at the channels used, consumer preferences, and common challenges consumers face. Download the full report to find out more insights.

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