New research – a conversation with US customers.

We polled over 1,500 US consumers, seeking their views about how they think about and use messaging channels. The verdict was loud and clear.

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75% of consumers say that customer experience is the steering wheel in their purchasing decisions.

Customers want to use digital messaging channels, however, if brands don’t use them proficiently, or if their customer experience doesn’t connect and carry context across channels, it becomes a risky game. One that may alienate customers and erode their trust in your brand.

In this report get consumer statistical insights on:
  • Frequency and types of contact with brands.

  • Messaging preferences and behaviours

  • Feelings and attitudes about messaging channels.

A primary research study commissioned by Webex CPaaS Solutions in April 2023. Online study with 1,500 consumers across the US.

Bridging the gap between brand and customer.

In today's world where most interactions begin online, 64% of US consumers believe that brands have lost the art of human connection. In this report, we’ll unveil customer insight from new research that sets the rules for connecting with customers in the digital marketplace.

Download the report to:

  • Unlock fresh customer research to help you shape your CX strategy, so it aligns with how and where consumers want to connect to your brand.

  • Strike a balance between delivering the human connection customers desire while leveraging the convenience digital communication offers.

  • Discover how Enterprise Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions can help unify and personalize the customer journey across multiple channels, transforming disjointed interactions into a cohesive omnichannel experience.

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