Personalized videos with AI avatars

We are testing a new offering, harnessing AI to create and send personalized video communications across multiple channels at scale. 

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Video is captivating, but often expensive and time-consuming to produce. We are enhancing the portfolio of AI, NLP, and NLU capabilities offered by Webex Connect to transform video communications.  

Using dynamic AI, businesses will be able to send personalized videos that feature avatars and interactive buttons for a range of use cases, from product launches to self-help guides.  

  • Data-driven personalization: Leverage data contained within CRM and other systems across the business to personalize videos in real-time. 

  • Easy video creation: Use AI to reduce the production costs, customizing images, themes, content and narration to produce videos at scale.   

  • Interactive components: More than just visually impress, customers can tap buttons and or message to access more information and confirm next steps.  

  • Brand avatars: Create real-life and animated avatars which epitomize your brand's values, tone, and unique personality to create a personal connection.  

  • Webex Connect: Use Webex Connect to manage the video creation process and easily integrate video communication into your engagement strategy. 

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