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Discover how TalkTalk consolidated their communication systems into one platform, taking their CX to the next level.

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TalkTalk, a leading UK broadband provider, faced issues with system fragmentation, impacting customer experience and creating knowledge gaps. Understanding that customer expectations were shifting towards digital messaging channels, TalkTalk sought to enhance their customer communications strategy. They aimed to offer an improved, consistent CX across customers’ preferred communication channels. Not only that, but they wanted to empower their service agents with greater context to resolve queries effectively. To accomplish these objectives, TalkTalk turned to Webex Connect. Positioned as a centralized Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), it bridged the gap between TalkTalk’s back-end CRM and data systems and their contact center agent applications.

Webex Connect seamlessly consolidated TalkTalk’s communication systems into one platform. The result? Centralized visibility and control, scalability, flexibility, and a streamlined setup to add more channels seamlessly over time. The initial rollout centered on proactive service messages via SMS informing customers about known faults and updates on open inquiries. As their strategy evolved, TalkTalk extended their messaging capabilities to include platforms like WhatsApp and Apple Messages for Business, with plans to incorporate Google channels like Rich Communication Services (RCS) and Google Business Messages (GBM) in the future. Webex Connect’s flexibility, coupled with its integration of various messaging channels, granted TalkTalk greater control and visibility, leading to a more consistent messaging experience for their customers.

With the power of Webex CPaaS, streamlining our customer interactions and consolidating multiple suppliers into one has not only yielded substantial commercial advantages but unlocked the launch of enriched communication services ”

Bhavesh Panchal, Head of Channels & Digital Adoption, TalkTalk

What was the impact?

Today, 30% of TalkTalk’s weekly customer contacts now come through digital messaging channels, a remarkable stride towards their target of 60%. Their communications are now personalized which has led to a 30-point increase in NPS compared to traditional voice-based contacts.

From complex to connected, CPaaS bridges the gap.

See how TalkTalk used Webex Connect to unify their communication systems and elevate their customer interactions. Download the case study to find out how they:

  • Enhanced their communication strategy through digital messaging.

  • Offer a consistent experience across customers’ preferred channels.

  • Empower agents with context to resolve queries effectively.

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