Webex Connect - making every interaction count.

Explore how Webex Connect, our Enterprise CPaaS platform can automate and orchestrate customer journeys end-to-end to enhance CX
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Accelerate digital transformation with Webex Connect

Discover how Webex Connect, our Enterprise CPaaS platform enables enterprises to orchestrate and automate customer journeys. With our experts suggesting best practices and use case examples, this whitepaper will help you get started on your CPaaS journey.

The whitepaper discusses how enterprises can:

  • Build and manage personalized customer interactions across any channel

  • Set up integrations with existing business systems and third-party applications

  • Leverage low-code, visual flow builder and tools to build, test, and deploy customer journeys at scale, rapidly

  • Automate customer interactions using best-in-class NLP, NLU, and AI capabilities

  • Enforce robust controls to view and manage interactions centrally

  • Ensure round-the-clock availability with a cloud-based, scalable platform

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