imimobile renews multi-year contract with the BBC


Global cloud communications software and solutions provider, imimobile, now part of Cisco, today announced that it has renewed a multi-year contract with leading public service broadcaster, the BBC. imimobile’s software enables the BBC to monitor audience engagement across social media channels for its TV and Radio programs. 

The BBC will use imisocial to read, curate and utilize messages from their social media feeds within their programs as well as manage competitions, votes and charitable campaigns in real-time. The BBC needed a highly available, reliable and responsive application to be used in a live programme/production environment which is also intuitive and easy to use with minimal training for production and editing teams. 

imimobile’s cloud-based, audience engagement application enables media companies and broadcasters to have secure, multi-channel conversations with audiences using the channels they already use every day such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Broadcasters are able to monitor inbound content across multiple channels, respond to audience questions and queries in real-time as well as identify trending topics for discussion.

Jay Patel, CEO of imimobile, now part of Cisco commented: “We are delighted to continue our relationship with the BBC with the renewal of this multi-year contract. Providing a unified view of audience interactions across all channels ensures that broadcasters are always able to respond in real-time in order to understand sentiment and edit content based on audience feedback.” 

For further information please contact:

Charlotte Jewsbury, Marketing Director.
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