Build your own integrations to power richer CX at scale

We are proud to announce the upcoming release of the Integration Studio for Partners, a self-serve portal where partners can build and manage integrations in Webex Connect for their customers.

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Keep your customers happy

Productize your integration expertise to marketable solutions.

Partners can build private integrations exclusively for their customers as well as public integrations that can be accessed by other partners and customers. We are building a community for our partners to share and collaborate on integrations to bring more value to customers. 

  • Bring your own integrations to Webex Connect with a low code approach

  • One stop shop to build, manage, deploy and monitor integrations  

  • Productize your integration expertise to marketable solutions

  • Accelerate time to market for customers  

  • Promote and facilitate easy discovery through integrations listing page 

  • Build private and public integrations that can be used by multiple customers

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