Google's Business Messages

Connect with customers through Google.

The easiest way to turn billions of searches by Android and iPhone users into conversations with your brand.

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Be where your customers are.

Put yourself in front of your customers

When people need something, they Google it. With Google's Business Messages, they can conveniently go from Search and Maps to messaging your business with a single tap of the screen.

Deliver richer interactions

Use rich carousels, cards, quick replies, photos, and more to create interactive, more engaging messaging experiences. Chatbots and customer service agents can use these features to deliver scheduling, support, and even purchasing experiences that customers will love.

It's easy for users to start conversations.

  • Local search

  • Organic search

  • Third-party

Why Google's Business Messages?

Improve experience

Customers gain richer interactions that deliver a better messaging experience.

Increase impact

From sales enquiries to customer care, drive conversations that impact business success.

Reduce costs

Users can easily find and start messaging for customer care, there's no need to call.


Webex Connect.

Manage all your customer interactions and channels in one place with our enterprise CPaaS platform. From APIs and pre-built integrations to low-code tools, Webex Connect equips your organization with everything you need to create and optimize the communications journeys that deliver a better experience to every customer.

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